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Join Today

Print the our sign-up sheet, fill out the sheet as instructed, and mail the sign-up sheet to us at the address given.

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All you have to do is completely fill out the membership form below, cut it out and return it to us

Retired Public Employees of New Mexico
PO Box 20607, 
Albuquerque, NM 87154-0607

19 Reasons to Join RPENM

1. Representation at the Local and State levels
2. Informative Newsletters
3. Annual Membership Meetings
4. Local Chapters
5. Dental and Vision Plans *
6. Long Term Care/Home Health Care Policy *
7. Long Term Care Annuity *
8. Medicare Supplement Plans *
9. Final Expense Whole Life Policy *
10. Air & Ground Ambulance Transportation Service *
11. First Diagnosis Cancer, Heart Attack and First Major Heart Surgery Policy *
12. Hearing Solutions *
13. Vacation Discounts **
14 Hotel Discounts **
15. Computer Discounts **
16. Flower Delivery Discounts **
17. Online Book Discounts **
18. Rental Car Discounts **

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And last but not least,

19. Most retirees do not realize that PERA comes under fire in almost every legislative session. An individual just doesn't have the time, resources or contacts to stay on top of everything that can affect their retirement or health care. This is where RPENM comes in. Where a single voice would be lost in the crowd, almost 4,000 voices (or more) can get the attention of almost anyone. Add your voice to ours and help protect our retirement and health care.

* Available through our benefits partner, AMBA, at reasonable rates.
** Available through our benefits partner, AMBA.