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The Retired Public Employees of New Mexico (RPENM) has been serving New Mexico's retired public employees since 1962. Our membership comes from every community in New Mexico and all over the United States. Our Mission is to give a voice to all retired public employees. We provide members with valuable benefits, newsletters, annual meetings and chapters throughout the state. PERA retirees, their beneficiaries, and active PERA members are all eligible to join RPENM.

Latest News

2014 Fall Board Meeting

The 2014 Fall Board meeting, which is open to all members, will be held at 9:00am Saturday, October 25. It will be held in the second floor conference room of the RPENM office in Albuquerque: 10501 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111.

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How RPENM has Recently Been Working for You!

In April 2014, we voiced our concern for a group of 157 retirees that were dealt a great injustice by having their Life Insurance benefit reduced from $25,000 to $5,000 (80% reduction). The enterprise driven public entity that attempted this has continued to give generous raises and benefit packages to its current workforce. With no regard or input from retirees, they decided that their financial issues can only be solved by taking away a vested benefit from retirees.

Our President, Gerald Chavez, spent countless hours speaking with these impacted retirees, with City Councilors, with County Commissioners and with many other elected representatives. He met with the entity's Executive Director and fought hard to represent the RPENM membership and these retirees regarding the reinstatement of this retiree benefit.

We want to make specific mention of Senator Michael Padilla. He made his position clear that the entity needed to reconsider this retiree life insurance benefit. The Senator is a true advocate for public servants and has a sincere regard for the value of retirees. His support was key in the success of this issue.

What is at stake is larger than a public employer balancing its budget solely on the backs of its retirees. The Board of Directors allowed this action without dialogue, discussion or debate from the affected retirees.

RPENM stood up for these retirees and gained enough support from the governing body to reinstate the life insurance benefit. The fact that RPENM spearheaded this initiative and were successful in assisting this group of PERA retirees has given recognition to our organization. For many of these City Councilors, County Commissioners and many other elected officials who previously did not know who RPENM was, they now know who we are!


> Lobbied for and supported recent legislation that will reach toward PERA’s goal of being as close to 100% funded as possible by the year 2041.

> Led the effort to pass Constitutional Amendment 4 in 1998, protecting PERA's assets from political raids.

> Worked to establish the New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority (NMRHCA).

> Secured two elected PERA retiree board members. Continue to work with PERA to ensure good legislation and security of the PERA fund.

> Partnered with NMRHCA and the Association of Education Retirees (AER), our peer on the teacher's side, to lobby the legislature and sue the governor to keep them from changing NMRHCA without the appropriate planning or studies.

> Provide many member-only benefits and discounts to RPENM members.

Yes, we have taken action and will continue to take action in the future, but please remember one thing: PERA and the NMRHCA were both created by legislative action and can be changed, for good or bad by legislative action.

For more information please contact our Executive Director at:

PO Box 20607
Albuquerque NM 87154-0607

or (505) 280-8459